A RADICAL THEORY by Barb Chandler

Seth Carlo Chandler thought outside the box,  and revolutionized the way people thought about the earth’s rotation.

His professional colleague’s could not believe Chandler, only an amateur astronomer, had the audacity to argue with them. They tried to prove his theory false but finally gave up in frustration. His hypothesis could not be refuted.

Chandler theorized that there was a change in the spin of the earth on its axis. Much like the way a top quivers as it spins at an angle to the floor. Since its discovery in 1891, the cause of the wobble remains unknown. Scientists believe either earthquakes or changes of pressure in the world’s oceans cause it, but it still remains a matter for conjecture.

Because of his contribution, Chandler had a crater on the Moon named after him. The crater is located in the northern hemisphere on the Moon’s far side.

Chandler Crater

The crater, in the reddish orange box,  has numerous  impacts  which have eliminated nearly all its rim.


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