After several years of searching for my great uncle and coming up with nothing. I was convinced he must have been abducted by space aliens.

I decided to try one more place before I gave up, and hit pay dirt. I found a bulletin board run by the Tampico Area Historical Society. I wrote a query, and received an answer that re-opened my search The respondent said he had found someone he believed was my great uncle, but was not sure because he was listed under a different name. He suggested I look at the document and see what I thought. The information given on the record convinced me I had finally found my elusive ancestor. My collaborator wrote back and said he had also found a marriage record for him, and had checked the social security number listed and found it was issued in  Kansas. He said  he also found an obit listing the cemetery where his wife was buried. I called the cemetery in the small Kansas town and got my great uncle’s date of death and information about his burial.

Thus the mystery had been solved. Aliens had not abducted my great uncle. He escaped capture simply because some letters in his last name were changed.

My experience taught me several lessons in doing genealogical research:

  • If you cannot find your ancestor, try several variations in spelling.
  • Historical societies, museums, or libraries are often very helpful to researchers.
  • If your ancestor is married and you know where the husband/wife is buried try contacting the cemetery they may be able to give you the date of death, etc.


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2 responses to “BREAKING THROUGH A BRICK WALL by Barb Chandler

  1. Phyllis

    Great article, Barb!

  2. barb95831

    Thanks Phyllis.


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