First, the latest with Billie’s research into the old Chandler neighborhood on now the east side of Tremont St. in Duxbury.  The 273 Harrison St. house still shows promise to be Joseph’s (son of Edmund the immigrant) house. The barn with the huge hearth near both Capt. John’s house (900 Tremont) and 273 Harrison which was owned at one time by the Glass family. Joseph’s daughter, Esther married a Glass but we don’t know if the house came through the Chandler family or not at this point. Those houses are the nearest houses to the barn which may have been the blacksmith shop. However, there are a couple of other nearby “mystery” houses that may have been Chandler dwellings at one time.
Joseph’s daughter, Sarah, ultimately ended up with the Joseph’s house.  Later on Sarah married Moses Soule. Billie is trying to pinpoint Moses Soule’s house in the old Chandler neighborhood as that could have been Joseph’s house.  It takes a lot of figuring to read the old deeds and documents which mention to the west or east of a Chandler house or property and deduce from that where those houses are. This is like the genealogy version of a really, really difficult crossword puzzle with very obscure clues. If I have explained any of this incorrectly, jump in Billie, and correct me.

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