One of the difficult things about doing genealogy is how to share your work with your non-genealogy program-owning relatives.  Printing out big books of family trees and pictures to send to them is expensive and time consuming, then there are the revisions, corrections and additions.
The folks at Rootsmagic and also Legacy have made available FREE basic programs which your relatives can download.  When you want to share your family tree with your family, or ask someone to double check something for you, you can just click and send. The family genealogist (you) will probably need to buy the full program to get all of the bells and whistles, but if you wish to test the program out download a free version and see if you like it.
I have been going to the Rootsmagic computer users meetings at the Southern California Genealogical Society Library trying to learn more about computers and the program.  Next on the list is to install the programs. Then try to transfer the data.  Some of you may remember the various disasters that I encountered with my last attempt. Our editor and member, Barb, and I are going to try to get those databases into shape, probably with help from the experts at the users’ group.
Have you an interesting Chandler ancestor that you wish to write about? Or a research question or project?  Or something historical? If so, contact our editor Barb.
More discoveries to be made in 2010.  Happy New Year everyone!


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  1. I’ve been trying to locate my grandfather who I knew very little about, Harry Chandler who married Dovie Jane LeMaster. He was born Abt. 1886 and died Abt. 1950. My Chandler family must have tried their best to stay hidden because I have been looking for quite some time and most of our relatives have died off. Is there any assistance you can give me.

    • Hi Violet,

      I did a quick search and this is what I found. From, I found that Harry Chandler was the son of Isaac Chandler and Jemima Wheeler of Chandlersville, Johnson County, Kentucky. Familysearch is not always accurate, so you have to verify the info. If this looks right to you, then this might be your family.

      From there I went to Rootsweb. This is the page for the Rootsweb info about Isaac Chandler and Jemima:

      If this doesn’t work for you just go to Rootsweb and click “family trees” then click “advanced search” and fill in Isaac Chandler spouse Jemima Wheeler. That will take you back a few generations farther.

      If you have any male surnamed Chandler relatives, they might want to take the painless swab to the inside of the cheek and drop in a mailer DNA test. That might help a lot in connecting with your early Chandlers.

      These trees on Rootsweb are made up by individuals and may or may not be accurate either — omissions, mistakes, etc. I just looked at a couple and there were probably more children than are listed for this couple.

      As our group is for the descendants of Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Mass, you would be better served by going to our sister group, the Chandler Family Association, as the south is more their area of interest and they have huge databases. You might even connect up with a distant cousin. They also have a bulletin board where you can post queries. Be sure to include as much info as possible especially the state and city.
      There is also info about the DNA test there.

      Good luck and happy hunting!


    • PS. Isaac married Lucinda Wheeler. Isaac’s father was Henry Chandler and Isaac’s mother was Jemima Wheeler. At least that is what the family trees and Rootsweb show. Sorry about that.


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