Winthrop Chandler,  descendant of William and Annis Chandler, is one of the most important provincial painters of the Revolutionary War period. Chandler is known for portraits of his family and friends.His paintings are distinguished by “stark realism” and somber likenesses, they feature individual characterization, affinity for detail, and prove insight into the character of people in the 1700s.

Reverend Ebenezer Gay Sr.

Unlike itinerant artists of his time, Chandler did not travel in search of payment but used family members or neighbors as subjects. To supplement his income, Chandler took up gilding, carving, illustrating and, house painting although he was still unable to support himself.

Two of Chandler’s most accomplished portraits are of his brother and sister-in-law, Captain Samuel Chandler and Anna Chandler (c. 1780; both Washington, DC, National Gallery of Art). The full-length portrait of Samuel, who commanded a regiment in the Revolutionary War, shows him in uniform with a detailed battle scene visible through the window.

Captain Samuel Chandler 1780
Mrs. Samuel Chandler 1780

Chandler was born April 6, 1747 at the family farm on Chandler Hill located between Woodstock and Thompson CT. When he completed his apprenticeship, he married Mary Gleason in 1772. In 1785 he moved to Worcester, MA where he remarried. After his wife died, he returned to Chandler Hill where he died on July 29, 1790.




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3 responses to “WINTHROP CHANDLER by Barb Chandler

  1. Sandi Harlow

    I think that I may have a painting by Winthrop Chandler (1747 – 1790) , I inherited it. It looks like his style of work and is signed Chandler. It is of a country sceene, and is still in a very old frame. Do you know how I can tell if it is one of his paintings? I researched other Chandler artists of the 19th and 18th centuries and his style of painting is the only one that looks the same.
    Thank You,
    Sandi Harlow

    • barb95831

      Winthrop Chandler did paint a country scene. You can see it by googling “Winthrop Chandler Country Scene.” You also might consider contacting The Boston Museum of Fine Arts since they have some of his paintings. Perhaps they might be able to give you some more insight.

      Good luck,
      Barb Chandler

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