First, we would like to welcome our new member, Laura. She descends from Capt. John Chandler. John was the grandson of Edmund, the immigrant’s son, Joseph.

No Duxbury news this month, but Billie should be back at it soon. Trying to figure out which Chandler lived in which house sometimes seems like trying to figure under which shell the pea resides.

Our member, Orland, is on the mend and hopes to be back in full action by summer. Orland was cutting down a box elder as part of a restoration project on the grounds of the church where his gg-grandfather Rev. Samuel Poole Chandler preached, when the tree popped back at him knocking him out and clear down the hill. He is very fortunate, as his ancestor, John Chandler, was not so lucky when he was chopping down a tree in Foxcroft, Maine. Orland did say that he is done with cutting down box elders.

This month we have news about the Benjamin line. We were searching to verify the connection between William L. Chandler and his father when we were provided proof of the link, the baptismal record, by a very dedicated researcher. William L. Chandler was the grandson of Revolutionary war hero, Capt. Jonathan Chandler of Piermont, New Hampshire. The researcher is going to share more information about Capt. Jonathan and his descendants so that we can add them to our database and correct any errors that we made. Capt. Jonathan, was a descendant of Edmund, the immigrant’s son, Benjamin.

I am still going to the Rootsmagic computer meetings and am getting closer to tackling those databases, with help.

Here is a little tidbit which may be useful to your research of other lines of you family. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services have a program to help genealogists delve into the immigration records of their ancestors. It costs $20.00 for the search and an additional amount to copy documents. For more information check out their site:

Until next time, happy hunting!


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