Jackie Robinson and A.B. "Happy" Chandler

Albert Benjamin (Happy) Chandler wore many hats in his lifetime; Lt. Governor, Governor, US Senator, and Commissioner of Baseball. He became Governor of Kentucky in 1935, and Senator in 1940. He became Commissioner of Baseball in 1945 and served in this capacity till 1951. After his retirement, he returned home to Kentucky and ran for another term as Governor. He was elected in for a second term in 1955, and served until 1963.

Albert Benjamin “Happy” Chandler was born July 14, 1898 in Corydon, Kentucky. He died June 15, 1991, and is buried in Pisgah Church Cemetery, Versailles, Kentucky. Chandler is the son of Joseph S. Chandler and Callie Sanders.

Chandler played a part in the integration of baseball when he supported the decision to hire Jackie Robinson to the Dodgers. His move was very controversial among several in the baseball community and probably jeopardized his re-election to Commissioner. He retired in 1951. Chandler was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame



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