This brochure is  about the Historic O’Neill Farm in Duxbury. The Winter Street portion of it was owned and operated by the Chandlers, c. 1736. I guess this was the Ephraim Chandler/Horatio Chandler Farm, possibly near the Old Cobb Tavern in Duxbury. I don’t know much about the history of this area.  The farm offers arranged tours and you can visit it and hike along the “Chandler Trail.”

I was looking through the date board folder on Joseph Chandler, Jr.’s house, since I think part of his farm bordered Winter Street, and I found an interesting statement by Dorothy Wentworth. It has to do with the disposition of Phillip Chandler’s property after his death. Phillip gave each of his sons 1/6 of the house lot and buildings, but he gave son, Asa, all of the land surrounding the house lot and buildings. She noted:

” From this division it would seem that it was the intent for Asa to eventually get possession of the house entirely, as the 35 acres he got  surrounded the house and buildings, and the blacksmith shop was on the same land. This did actually come about, but there is no record of when or how. Probably a family arrangement.”

I could just as well say the very same thing about how Capt. John Chandler came to own the 907 Tremont house.

Click on the link to see the brochure; http://www.historiconeilfarm.org/


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