This month seems to be a Benjamin line month, although we have news about other Chandlers as well.  First, we would like to welcome Cynthia Chandler to the Edmund Chandler Family Association.  We pick up her line at Rudolphus in our database. From Rudolphus going back we have: Rudolphus>Jesse>Benjamin>Joseph>Benjamin>Edmund, the immigrant.

In addition to Duxbury news, we are featuring an article on another  Benjamin descendant and his family, but it is also about tracing children who appear to be orphans so it may contain research tips useful to all. We also have queries and questions that some of you may know the answer to, or at least have a clue.  So if you do, let us know.

On June 11-13, I hope to be going to the Southern California Genealogy conference in Burbank, California.  As there will be many lectures, and lots of booths, I hope to be sharing what I learn in an upcoming newsletter.  If any of you live in Southern California, you can check out the SCGS website for more information in case you might want to go.

As always, if you find mistakes, let us know!  We want to eliminate these.  If you have an interesting Chandler tidbit, story or discovery, share it so we can put it in the newsletter!  Also if you have found a book or resource let us know!

Finally, my computer has been acting up again.  Hopefully, it will not crash, but if all goes silent on my end for a while that is probably the reason why.


Need help deciphering old handwriting?  Here are a couple of places to look.

There is http//amberskyline.com/treasuremaps/ or you can try Ancestry.com. At

Ancestry.com for free you can click on the tiny “help” in the upper right hand corner of the homepage and then click on the topic. Also, try a plain old Google search for “deciphering old handwriting” and you will find many articles.

These are not in depth studies by any means, but can get you started and get you thinking.  Did you know that even literate people may have “signed” a document by using their mark instead of a signature?  That fashions in the way numbers were written as well as the way were written letters change?  That underlining sometimes took the place of abbreviations?

I remember being thrown off by the handwritten abbreviation for Massachusetts.  The giant funny looking first “s” looked like either an “f”, a “p’ or a squiggle – Mafs? Maps? Ma??  I was a bit slow in finding out that was an old fashioned way to write the first “s” when there was a double “s.”  So what looks kind of like “Jefse” is actually “Jesse”.

Another abbreviation that threw several of us off was the abbreviation for “Jonathan” in Capt. John Chandler’s Will.  It was abbreviated “Jon A.”  We thought that his middle name began with “A” like for Alden.  However, it was just an abbreviation and they were not using middle names then, either.

While discussing odd handwriting, if you have looked at really old documents you probably came across “ye”.  The “y” was a typesetting peculiarity for “th” carried over to handwriting. So “ye” is actually “the.”

What will future genealogists make of the little hearts that take the place of the dot on the “i” in those little girls, and sometimes not so little girls’, diaries?  Handwriting fashions do change.


Billie has just finished her work on Joseph’s land in Duxbury.  Joseph was Edmund, the immigrant’s son. Prior to her poring over hundreds and deeds and dozens of probates, little was know about his “home lands” other than just a general area and no one knew in modern times where his house was located.  She has figured out the boundaries of his home lands and we believe located his house. We will be hearing more in the future.


Our member Billie was asked if we know anything about a Louise Chandler of Duxbury.  I traced her line both through other sources then picked it up again in one of our databases. Here is her line: Louise>Howard>Howard>Thomas>Samuel>Benjamin>Edmund, the immigrant.  But our inquirer, and now we, would like to know more about Louise as she was a most interesting person.

Louise was born in Duxbury in 1877 and married an actor named Carle Francis Stowe in 1905.  However she may have married a Norman St. George or someone with the surname of Blake previously.

She ran the Shore Acres Inn in Duxbury. Her address was 333 Tremont St. which was the corner of Soule Ave. and Tremont St. The property had been in the Chandler family since 1825.  That date would put the first Chandler to own the house most likely to have been Howard Chandler who married Sarah Bisbee, or possibly his Revolutionary War veteran father also named Howard. The inn was a haven for actors, actresses and theater people in the 1920’s and 1930’s. So if you know anything about the Shore Acres Inn or Louise and her cast of creative guests let us know.


We also had an inquiry about three Chandler World War I veterans from Duxbury. They were Arthur, Earle and Earnest Chandler.  There were several Chandlers with those first names during that time period.

The three may have been brothers. I did find an Arthur and an Earle who brothers. There was also a third brother named Ernest.  He was born in 1901 so he may or not have been a World War I veteran as he would have been very young. They were the sons of Henry E. and Edith A. Hunt. Henry’s lineage going back to Edmund was: Henry>Calvin>Martin>Asa>Asa>Phillip>Joseph>Joseph>Edmund, the immigrant.

There was also another Earnest Alden Chandler of Duxbury born on Nov. 4, 1893 in Duxbury, Mass.  His parents were John A. and Susan I. (Delano) Chandler. So he is also a possibility as the age is more in line with being in the military during World War I. I think that this is his lineage:

Earnest Alden Chandler>John A.>Julius Bernard (AKA Bernard) >Isaac>Ephraim>Nathaniel>Phillip>Joseph>Joseph>Edmund, the immigrant.

If you have information about any of these World War I veterans let us know as they are listed on the Duxbury, World War I memorial.


I also got an inquiry from a descendant about his ancestors Asa Chandler and his wife Diana Simmons.  I was able to fill in our inquirer about Asa’s lineage, but not Diana’s as we focus mainly on the Chandlers.  Asa goes back to Edmund like this: Asa>Asa>Phillip>Joseph>Joseph>Edmund, the immigrant.

If you have information about Asa’s line or Diana Simmons, you can contact Jeff at Jeffworks@aol.com



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  1. Diana was the daughter of Noah Simmons and Dian Keen of Duxbury. Diana was born 7 Nov 1771 at duxbury. This is all I know of the Simmons side.

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