Did Hiram and Lucy (Peters) Chandler die and leave their children orphans?  We still don’t know for sure, but research indicates that this was so.  Reading about this family, even if it is not your Chandler line, might prove helpful as it is a study of finding orphans.

A couple of years ago I answered a query about Hiram and members, Elsie and Cornelia and I helped connect Hiram to Ozias Chandler, a descendant of Edmund, the immigrant.

Now flash forward a couple of years and we have a new member, Chris, whose brick wall is, again, Hiram and also his son David.  This time we have more clues from not only Chris, but another two descendants  as well as Chris’ family notes.

Hiram’s line going back to Edmund is:  Hiram+Lucy Peters>Ozias+Betsey Nash>Simeon+Eunice Robards>Joseph+Elizabeth Delano>Benjamin+Elizabeth Buck>Edmund+?, the immigrant.

Here is a brief explanation of how this Chandler family came to Vermont.  Joseph and his sons, including Simeon, left Duxbury, Massachusetts for Connecticut where Simeon married Eunice Robards.  Simeon had two daughters and only one son, Ozias, who were born in New Milford, Connecticut.  Later, Simeon and family moved to Vermont. Ozias married Betsey Nash in 1801 in Vermont.

Below is information about Ozias Chandler’s marriage to Betsey Nash and their children from a Rootsweb family tree:

  • Married: DEC. 14, 1801


  1. Ira CHANDLER b: SEPT. 8, 1802 in Fairfield, VT
  2. Infant CHANDLER b: MARCH 8, 1804 in Fairfield, VT
  3. Infant CHANDLER b: MARCH 4, 1805 in Fairfield, VT
  4. Infant CHANDLER b: APRIL 19, 1806 in Fairfield, VT
  5. Norman CHANDLER b: APRIL 18, 1807 in Fairfield, VT
  6. Matilda CHANDLER b: JULY 31, 1809 in Fairfield, VT
  7. Elvira CHANDLER b: JUNE 17, 1811 in Fairfield, VT
  8. Hiram CHANDLER b: JULY 24, 1813 in Fairfield, VT
  9. Myron CHANDLER b: MARCH 27, 1816 in Fairfield, VT
  10. Infant CHANDLER b: APRIL 6, 1817 in Fairfield, VT
  11. Emily CHANDLER b: APRIL 14, 1818 in Fairfield, VT
  12. Betsey CHANDLER b: MAY 7, 1819 in Fairfield, VT
  13. Harriet CHANDLER b: JULY 8, 1820 in Fairfield, VT
  14. Orreta CHANDLER b: APRIL 19, 1822 in Fairfield, VT


Hiram was born in Fairfield, Vermont.  By 1850 (see census below) he was living in Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont with his wife Lucy (Peters) Chandler.

US 1850 census for Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont

This census list does not include later born David and Cornelia.

Hiram Chandler age 37, male

Lucy      “                  31, female

Simeon    “                11, male

Elizabeth   “                9, female

Jane           “                7, female

Rachel      “                 5, female

George A.  “                3, male

Anne E.      “                1, female


Hiram and Lucy seem to drop off of the map after the 1850 census.  So at a dead end with the parents, the next move would be to try to trace the children.

This is where knowing as much as possible about the entire family comes into play.  Often by just focusing on your one ancestor instead of the whole family is the reason that you have hit a brick wall.

I had a list of all of Hiram’s siblings plus their wives from a book found in World Vital Records. When parents died in the old days, the children were usually dispersed amongst the relatives and occasionally friends. If they were older they started working.

Working both backward and forward in the censuses, A David Chandler was found in the 1880 census for Massachusetts. He was in Massachusetts also in the 1900 census so this could be him.  However, this 1880 David was born in New York, but that could have been a mistake.

Then going back to the 1860 US census, here was an 8-year-old David Chandler living with Oscar and Emma Crouch in Bombay, New York.   This could be the right David and could explain why the David in the 1880 census was listed as being born in New York, but who were Oscar and Emma Crouch?

It turns out that Emma was Emily (Chandler) Crouch. David was living with his aunt (Hiram’s sister) and uncle.

However, one child living with an aunt and uncle does not make him an orphan as it could have been temporary, but then I found who appeared to be his sisters. Rachel, age 15, doing housework and Jane, age 17, a servant, listed in the 1860 US census for Vermont.    Cornelia was found in Vermont marriage records in 1881with her parents listed as Hiram and Lucy, but prior to that in the 1880 census she was listed as a domestic.

Families do not function in a vacuum.   When Ozias and Betsey moved to Sterling, Massachusetts, his son, Norman and his family, already lived there.  According to the 1850 US census for Sterling,  Worcester, Massachusetts Ozias was living next  to his daughter Oretta (Chandler) Stuart and his family.

Eventually grandsons, Simeon and David and granddaughter, Elizabeth, also moved to Massachusetts. Elizabeth married there, but returned to Vermont.  They all most likely moved to Massachusetts for work in the factories. The beginning of the Industrial Revolution took place in nearby Lowell, Massachusetts and that whole area was burgeoning with cotton mills and clothing factories.

There was no sign of either Hiram or Lucy Chandler in either Vermont or Massachusetts.

This seemed to confirm suspicions their parents died otherwise these children would not have been scattered. Further complicating the search was that some the children were listed with their middle names first in some records.  I was looking for Ann E., George A. and Hiram David when I should have been looking for Eliza Ann, Allen George and David Hiram Chandler.

Cornelia Chandler’s marriage record shows her birth as 1856 in Burlington, Vermont.  So most likely parents, Hiram and Lucy, died between 1856 and 1860 which was the next US census.

The discovery of one child in an area often meant that relatives also lived in the same area.  The census, and that includes censuses from more than one source, and Familysearch’s Record Search Pilot can be quirky at times. Sometimes you can find them once, but not again and sometimes you can’t find them at all.  If someone cannot be found in a straight forward manner by typing in their name and information, use “back door” routes.  Here are a few useful back door routes:

When you find one ancestor in an area, check for more with a surname only search.  That’s how I found Cornelia Chandler who I didn’t even know existed. Using the Familysearch Record Search Pilot, I typed in only her surname and then Shelburne, Chittenden, Vermont and that is how she was found.

Look for the children of the ancestor that you are searching for.  Sometimes people are inexplicably left out of census transcriptions, but they are there in the census image. David AKA David H. Chandler was found in New Hampshire by searching for his son Charles H. Chandler with whom he was living. As “H” was his middle initial it also made sense that his name was David Hiram Chandler not Hiram David Chandler.

If there are no birth records try marriage records as they often give the names of the parents.

Lastly, working together and sharing clues can break down those brick walls. We also always count on members of the group to catch those pesky errors!

The information that was gathered seems to answer the questions about this family, but to really dot all of the “I’s” and cross all of the “T’s” enough for membership to the Mayflower Society, the DAR or Sons of the Revolutions, more research needs to be done and there is more information out there. You don’t have to research the whole family, just until you come to your ancestor who is already in their records.

Below are the details on the individual children of Hiram and Lucy. At the end of this article  there is information on where to look for more information on their wives including a book that traces Betsey (Nash) Chandler’s family heritage back to 1389 AD!


David Chandler

1860 US census Bombay, New York

Age 8

Birthplace Vermont

Living with Oscar and Emma Crouch.

According to the Nash book, Hiram’s sister was Emily Chandler who married Oscar Crouch. Emma was probably a nickname. So he was the right David as he was living with his aunt and uncle.

As Chris had family notes for his ancestor saying that David or Hiram David (it turns out that he was David Hiram) was the grandson of Ozias Chandler, David was the one  to start with.

David Chandler

1880 census Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Age 25

Birthplace New York

Parents’ birthplace:  New York

Worked in a cotton mill

He was probably the correct David as he was raised in New York and that may explain why the census said that he was born in New York.

Dave Chandler

1900 US census Lowell, Middlesex, Mass

Born Aug. 1853

Birthplace Vermont

Parents’ birthplace Vermont

Occupation: Watchman


Boarder along with his sons:

Charles, born Aug. 1885

Stephen born April 1881. He worked in a cotton mill.

David H. Chandler

1920 US census for Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire

Est. birth year 1852

Birthplace: Vermont

The head of the household was Charles Chandler, his son, who was a carpenter for the railroad.

Annie, Charles wife, born Scotland

Warren D., 11

Howard C.  9

Mabel F., 8

Florence O. 2 2/12

I do not have a membership to Ancestry, but it appears that there is a family tree which includes David H. Chandler.  It appears that David died in New Hampshire, but that would have to be investigated further in order to verify it.


Actually, he was listed as Simeon C. Chandler in other later documents.  From (Record Search Pilot section) I found the census information and that he served in the CivilWar. He was living in Massachusetts at the beginning of the war.  He did have relatives in Massachusetts so he may have moved by at least about 1860.

US 1870 census for Lowell, Worcester, Massachusetts

Simeon C. Chandler age 30, born in Vermont

Susan, wife

Nettie, daughter, age 6.

Simeon Chandler

US 1880 Census for Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts

Age 40

Birthplace: Vermont

Parents’ birthplace: Vermont, age 40,


He was probably living in a boarding house as there were many other residents and he was not the head of household. His wife probably died between 1870 and 1880 as he was listed as a widower many years later on his death certificate.

Simeon C. Chandler

Civil War Pension Index Cards

There were four cards for Simeon C. Chandler for Massachusetts service.  One card mentioned service in the Massachusetts Light Artillery while another referred to service in the infantry. More details can be found on the pension cards.  It is also possible that there was more than one Simeon C. Chandler in the Civil War serving from Massachusetts.

Simeon C. Chandler

Massachusetts Death Records

Simeon C. Chandler died January 27, 1910, age 70, of pneumonia, but the primary cause was senile dementia.   His parents were listed as Hiram Chandler and Lucy Peters. His birthplace was listed at East Fairfield, Vermont.  Mrs. R.A. Bucklin was the informant.


Massachusetts transcribed marriage

Bride: Elizabeth B. Chandler

Groom Edward R. Lane

Marriage date: May 11, 1861

Marriage place: Lowell, Massachusetts

Bride’s father’s name: Hiram

Bride’s mother’s name: Lucy

This is speculation, but could the “B” in her name stand for the family name of Bliss?   Edward’s middle name was given as “Burrell” in other records, so most likely the “R” was a mistake. It appears that Elizabeth may have died before the 1880 census as she is not listed with Edward, but the children are.  He is listed as married, but that might be a mistake. Edward did remarry in 1899 according to Vermont marriage records.

It appears that Edward and Elizabeth moved to Shelburne, Chittendon, Vermont from Massachusetts as Vermont is where Edward Lane is found in the 1880 census. Their son was listed as born in 1872 on transcribed marriage records with parents Edward Lane and Elizabeth Chandler.  This information came from (pilot program).

However this information was found indirectly by searching for all Chandlers in Shelburne, Chittendon, Vermont.


Jane Chandler

1860 US Census for Cambridge, Lamoille, Vermont.

She lived with Joseph W. Turner and his wife Mary P. Turner.  She was listed in the census as doing housework.

1870 US Census for Shelburne, Chittenden County, Vermont

Giles Andrews Head of household

Jane age 26, born Vermont wife

Emma D. Anderson, age 4

By the 1880 census Giles had remarried so Jane probably died between 1870 and 1880. Giles married twice more and his 53 page probate is available on the Familysearch Records search pilot site. Their daughter, Emma, also predeceased Giles.

Vermont marriages:

Francis A. Bailey groom

Emma D. Andrews, bride

Bride’s parents:

Giles Andrews

Jane Chandler

The age is right for Jane Chandler to be the daughter of Hiram and Lucy and there were no other Jane Andrews in Shelburne as far as I know, but more work would have to be done to prove her descent from Hiram and Lucy.


1860 US Census for Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont

Hollan Howard, age 58 (Later censuses have him as Holand)

Lucinda Howard, age 48

Rachel Chandler, age 15, servant.

Rachel was found in the 1910 census living with her brother, Allen Chandler (see Allen G. Chandler below) .  It appears that she married but did not have children.


Eliza A. Chandler

She is listed as Anne E. Chandler in the 1850 census, but a search for an Anne Chandler born about 1849 proved fruitless. However, there was a gravestone at Find A Grave that provided the answers.  It appears that she was probably Eliza Ann Chandler. Her gravestone in the Center Cemetery, Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont read:

Eliza, daughter of Hiram and Lucy Chandler Died Oct 20, 1851 aged 2 yrs 11 mos.


1880 US Census for Vermont.

Cornelia Chandler, age 25

Born Vermont and parents born Vermont

Domestic servant

Vermont Marriages (from Familysearch pilot)

Bride: Cornelia Chandler born 1856

Birth place Burlington, Vt.

Marriage, April 6, 1881

Shelburne, Vt.

Groom: William T. Miller

Bride’s parents Hiram Chandler, Lucy Peters.

Vermont Marriages (from Familysearch pilot)

Bride: Cornelia Miller

Bride’s birthdate: 1857

Bride’s birthplace East Fairfield, Vermont

Bride’s age: 49

Marriage date: Dec. 29, 1906

Shelburne, Vermont

Bride’s parents: Hiram Chandler and Lucy Peters

Groom: Horace Frederick Saxton

This was her second marriage.

Vermont Death Records (from Familysearch pilot)

Cornelia Chandler

Date of death: January, 8, 1930

Age: 78

Place: Shelburn, Chittenden, Vermont

Parents: Hiram Chandler, Lucy Peters

Spouse: Horace Saxton


George A. was a mystery, until one of the correspondents about this family wrote that her ancestor was Allen G. Chandler son of Hiram and Lucy. It seems that George A. and Allen G. was the same person with the name transposed. Allen was a Baptist minister.  He may have also been a minister for the Church of the Nazarene.  In addition to his ministerial duties, he was listed as tub manufacturer in the Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont directory for 1883-84.

1860 US Census for Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont

Allen Chandler, age 13 resided in the household of Jere? and Jemima Shattuck

1870 US Census for Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont

Allen Chandler, age 23

Farm laborer

Permelia, wife

Cora, daughter, age 1

1880 US Census for Montgomery, Franklin, Vermont

Allen Chandler, age 32 works in ? shop

Born in Vermont and parents born in Vermont

Permelia, age 33

Jennie, age 5, daughter

Arthur, age 3, son

William age 11/12 of year

Cora had died by then and her grave stone can be found at Find A Grave.

Cora Chandler

1900 US Census for Waterville, Lamoille, Vermont

Allen Chandler, born January, 1847

Born Vermont, parents born Vermont


Permelia, wife, born March 1847

William, son, born July 1873

Born Vermont, parents born Vermont


1910 US Census for Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont

Allen Chandler, age 63

Born Vermont, parents born Vermont

Permelia, wife age 63

Rachel ?, sister age 65


Born Vermont, parents born Vermont

So Rachel married and was living with her brother and sister-in-law, but according to the census never had children.  This may have been an error. The handwriting was so faded it was hard to read.

1920 US Census for Belvidere, Lamoille, Vermont

Allen G. Chandler, age 72

Born Vermont, parents born Vermont


Permelia A. Chandler, age 72



We usually only follow the Chandler lines, but you can find information on the wives and their families in the sources listed below.  Old books are terrific resources, but they do have mistakes, sometimes really big ones, so double check.

Details about Elizabeth Delano’s line can be found in “Mayflower 5 Generations” book for the Alden family.  The information in the Mayflower books comes from primary sources, not old legends.

For Betsey Nash there is “The Nash Family: or Records of the descendants of Thomas Nash of New Haven, Connecticut” by Sylvester Nash, page 149.  Also, for Betsey Nash check out books about the Bliss family and “The King Family of Suffolk, Connecticut its English Ancestry, AD 1389” by Cameron Haight King, page 119.  Below is a very nice website on Rootsweb free pages which has more information on the King family as well as the entire King family book.

I found these books on World Vital Records, but you can also locate the Nash book and the King book through a Google book search or the King book on the Rootsweb link mentioned above.


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