This month we have a story about the mysterious Abel Chandler, the minister. We still don’t have the entire story on him, but have filled in many gaps with new information.  If you like puzzles, read this story and try to figure out the rest of the story on him.  Another time, we will focus on his son Abel, Jr. and his family.

The next issue of the Courier will probably be out in November not October and then quarterly as those detailed research articles take so much time and I am trying to get some time to work on the databases. It is hard to fit everything in as I have to take care of my Dad. I will see how the work on the databases goes. I have someone lined up to help me, but I have to get the time to make an appointment and go.

If there are news updates, I will post them sooner than quarterly.  As always, if you have interesting Chandler stories, photos or mysteries, please share. If you have any corrections or additions to make to this Abel Chandler and family, let us know.  His is a complicated story and it is very easy to follow a wrong lead and make mistakes.


If you who missed “Who Do You Think You Are?” the genealogy program on NBC, you can catch the reruns on Friday nights at 8:00 PM in Los Angeles.  Check your local listings to see if it is on in your area.  As the program has been renewed, we should be seeing new episodes either this fall or mid-season.


I answer a lot of Chandler posts and queries, although some of them turn out to be far a field from Edmund.  Recently, I answered a post about New Hampshire Chandlers, brothers Eliphalet and Samuel, who married Georgia women and migrated to Georgia pre-Civil War.

The trail did not lead back to Edmund, but to possibly to another Chandler family entirely that I had not heard of previously. Eliphalet and Samuel were the sons of Joseph and Polly Chandler of Goshen, Sullivan New Hampshire.  Joseph was the son of  Joseph and Margaret (Gunnison) Chandler of Newbury, New Hampshire.  There the trail appears to dead end.

However, it has been speculated that this Joseph was the son of Capt. William Chandler, a mariner, who married Elizabeth Lucy in 1714 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  What is interesting is that Capt. William is not related to any of the big four early New England Chandler families (William of Roxbury, William of Newbury, Roger of Concord, and Edmund of Duxbury).  That means that Capt. William could be the progenitor of an entirely new line of Chandlers. Capt. William was supposed to have come from either London, England, Deptford, England or Ireland depending on the source.

I alerted our member,Dick, and the Chandler Family Association about this ancestor of some of their Georgia Chandlers.  More research needs to be done to find out if, indeed, Capt. William did have male descendants.  Descendants who are believed to be descended from Capt. William moved to Kittery, Maine.  Kittery is a confusing convergence of several Chandler families, including Edmund descendants, so figuring this out would be helpful for all Chandler researchers. The question remains were Eliphalet and Samuel descendants of Capt. William or were they descendants of one of the other Chandler families of the Kittery, Maine area?

Until next time, happy hunting!



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2 responses to “SEPTEMBER 2010 CHANDLER NEWS by Carol May

  1. DJ Weston

    A correction to a listing for “Mary E. Chandler daughter of Theodore Chandler born 1983 died March, 1971.

    Her middle name was “Francis” and should have the initial “F” not E. She was my grandma so you could call me an expert on the matter.

    Interesting reading by the way.
    Thank you

  2. barb95831

    We will make the correction. Thank you.

    Barb Chandler

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