Last time Abel Chandler, the Universalist frontier minister and later Spiritualist minister and lecturer was featured.  His lineage was, starting with Abel, was Abel>Ichabod>Jonathan>Capt. John>Edmund>Joseph>Edmund, the immigrant.

This time his children are featured and they literally go from A (Abel, Jr.) to Z (his daughter-in-law Xoa sometimes spelled or misspelled Zoa).

With genealogy, just when you think that you have it all figured out, something new pops up.  What popped up was the question whether or not the children listed in the US 1850 census for Jersey, Jersey, Illinois were Rev. Abel’s sons and daughters or whether they were his son, widowed daughter-in-law and grandchildren. At present it seems more likely that they were   son,  widowed daughter-in-law and grandchildren.  Sorting out a jumble of conflicting records can be difficult, so further discoveries and research may change things again. If any of you come across anything new or find that mistakes were made, let us know. Of all of his children, only Abel, Jr. was known to have had children.

Abel Chandler and Abigail (Harlow) Chandler had:

Abel, Jr. born  January 13, 1821 Foxcroft, Maine

Abigail W. born February 3, 1822     “             “

Louisa (AKA Lou?) born February 27 1823, Foxcroft, Maine

Harriet born ? Foxcroft, Maine

Whitney born ?  Foxcroft, Maine.

Alvin born 1829 according to the 1850 and 1860 censuses. Most likely Rev. Abel’s son

Possibly Charles

We have the birth or baptismal records of children, Abel, Jr., Abigail W., Louisa (Lou?), Harriet and Whitney. Only census records for have been found for Alvin so far. Abigail W., Harriet and Whitney probably died young as no further record has been found for them.

According to Turner vital records, Abigail was the mother of a Charles Chandler.  (See explanation below under Charles at the end of the article)

Abel Chandler and his second wife, who is still unknown, had:

Louisa A. born August 29, 1841 and died the same day in Hebron, Oxford County, Maine according to Hebron vital records.


The difficulty with the 1840 censuses is that while everyone was counted by sex and age, only the names of heads of household were listed. The difficulty with the 1850 US census is that while everyone is listed by name, the relationships are not listed.

The 1840 census for Hebron, Oxford, Maine is quite confusing. We have Rev. Abel and:

One female between 30 but under 40 years of age, probably his second wife.

One female 0 to 5, was she a daughter (“Francence”)? A stepdaughter?

One female 15 but under 20. Could she have been the first Louisa as the age matches or a stepdaughter?

There were no other males listed, so there was no Alvin and no Charles.

The 1850 US census for Jersey, Jersey, Illinois is where things get murky once again.

Which is it? Rev. Abel, and children in the 1850 census?  Or is it Rev. Abel, son Alvin and daughter-in-law Zoa (Xoa) and grandchildren in the 1850 census? Xoa and family do not show up in anywhere else in the 1850 census. The census transcription has Zoa (actually Xoa), but the handwriting is not clear on the census image.

At this writing it seems that the second scenario (Rev. Abel and son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren) is more likely to be correct as we can follow the girls in subsequent censuses; however, it still doesn’t explain what happened to the girls in the 1840 census.  If you have any additional information, let us know.

1850 US census for Jersey, Jersey County, Maine

Abel, age 50 (actually age 53)

Lou? age 28, Was she daughter Louisa who may have been enumerated in the 1840 census as the age matches? Or did the first Louisa die as Abel had another daughter named Louisa A. who was born and then died the same day in 1841?

Or was she really Zoa (Xoa) Rev. Abel’s daughter-in-law actually age 35?

Charles age 12, Was he Rev. Abel’s son ,born in 1838? Charles was not enumerated in the 1840 census.

Or was he grandson, Charles, actually age 9?

“Francence” age 10, a female of that age also appears in the 1840 census.

Or Lucy Frances age 6

Mary A. age 4 Daughter or granddaughter?

Alvin age 21 was most likely Rev. Abel’s son.

Nancy Methany, age 57 born North Carolina

She may have been the housekeeper.

Rev. Abel wrote to his brother on December 31, 1857 that he “has not been keeping house for over two years.”  From that we can gather that most likely, Xoa, Alvin, and the children returned to Maine as that is where we find them, with the exception of Mary A., in later censuses.


The only child of Rev. Abel that we know for sure who had children was Abel, Jr.

Abel, Jr. married Mrs. Xoa Swift in Lowell, Massachusetts on March 31, 1840.  Xoa, also misspelled Zoa, was born in Maine.  She was listed as “Mrs. Xoa Swift” in the Massachusetts records so it was likely that she was a young widow.

The city of Lowell was where the industrial revolution began in the United States and many young men and women flocked there for jobs.  Some remained in Massachusetts, but others returned to their home states as did Abel, Jr. and Xoa sometime before December 12, 1840 as that was when their son Charles Bartlett Chandler was born in Wayne, Kennebec, Maine.


Charles Bartlett Chandler, born on December 12, 1840 in Wayne, Kennebec, Maine

Lucy Frances Chandler, born on June 3, 1844 in Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine

Mary A. Chandler? She was born 1846 in Maine according to the 1850 census.  She probably died young.  Lucy Frances Chandler named her daughter Mary A.

It appears that Abel, Jr. must have died sometime during the 1840s as no more children could be found for this couple and Abel, Jr. did not appear in the censuses or records after this.

Xoa and her probable brother-in-law, Alvin, did appear in the 1860 US census for Barnard, Piscataquis, Maine. However, no children appeared in the census.  Son Charles B. Chandler may have been the Charles D. Chandler who was recorded in the 1860 census in Androscoggin County, Maine as Turner, Androscoggin, Maine is where he settled.  The “D” could have actually been a “B.” Daughter Lucy Frances Chandler, age 15, was not recorded in this census.

As elusive as both Rev. Abel and Abel, Jr. were, Charles Bartlett Chandler stayed put in Turner, Maine and was recorded in every census from 1860 until his death in the 1920s. His first wife was Mary Sarah Harlow, who he married on May 1, 1860 in Turner, Maine and his second wife was Mary Merrill. He was a farmer.

Children of Charles Bartlett Chandler and Mary Harlow:

Martha E. Chandler

Addie M. Chandler

Gerry A. Chandler

Rodney Chandler

Linley Chandler

Lizzie Chandler

Charles Aubrey Chandler

Nellie M. Chandler

Lucy married John Stillman Pollard on Oct. 24, 1865 in Williamsburg, Piscataquis, Maine.  The 1870 US census shows Xoa, age 62, living with her.  After John Pollard died, Lucy married Louis Bartlett in Monson, Piscataquis, Maine and died in 1923 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She was buried in Monson. She had several children.


So far, we have not found a birth record for Alvin, although he appears in the 1850 census with Rev. Abel in Illinois.  Probably Alvin was his son. Alvin appears again in the 1860 US census In Piscataquis County, Maine with Xoa Chandler, who we assume was his sister-in-law.  From the censuses it appears that he was born in 1829 in Maine.  Alvin was a shoemaker.  So far I have not found any further record of him.  This is just speculation, but perhaps he served in the Civil War and was killed.


According to Turner vital records, Abigail Chandler was the mother of a Charles. The question is which Charles?  Or were the Turner records in error as many Maine records were done long after the fact?  Was there a Charles that we don’t know about who died young, because the Charles in the US 1850 census was listed as 12 years old, which would make his birth year as 1838 and Abigail died on August, 21, 1835! There were no males other than Rev. Abel enumerated in the US 1840 census so it is more plausible that the Charles enumerated on the US 1850 census was Rev. Abel and Abigail’s grandson, Charles, who was actually born in December of 1840.

The only Charles Chandler, who was born in Maine in 1838 and whose parents have not been identified, was enumerated in the US 1880 census for Kaw, Jackson, Missouri. He was married and had children.


1830 US census for Parkman, Somerset County, Maine

1 Male 30 but under 40 (Abel)

2 Male 5 but under 10 (Abel, Jr., Whitney?

1 Females 30 but under 40 (Abigail)

2 Females 5 but under 10 (Abigail W.  and  Louisa)

1840 US census for Hebron, Oxford County, Maine

1Males 40 but under 50  (Abel)

1 Females 30 but under 40 (new wife?)

1 Females  0 to under 5  (Francence?)

1 Females 15 but under 20 (Louisa?)

1850 US census for Jersey, Jersey County, Maine

1 Male age 50 Abel, born Maine

1 female age 28, Lou?  or Zoa (Xoa)? Born Maine

1 male age 12 Charles, born Maine

1 female age 4, Mary A., born Maine

1 male age 21, Alvin, born Maine

1 female, age 57,  Nancy Methany, born North Carolina. Housekeeper?

1860 US census for Barnard (Sebec post office) Piscataquis County, Maine

Alvin Chandler, age 30 shoemaker

Xoa Chandler, age 45

1870 US census for Williamsburg, Piscataquis, Maine (Familysearch beta)

John Pollard, age 30

Lucy F., age 25

Mary A., age 2

Xoa Chandler, age 62

1880 US census for Turner, Androscoggin, Maine (Familysearch beta)

Charles A. Chandler, age 39

Mary S. Chandler, age 38

Gerry A., age 19

Nellie M., age 18

Lizzie M., age 16

Rodney A., age 5

Charles A., age 3

Turner, Maine vital records (Familysearch)

New Hampshire Death Records (Familysearch beta)

Mae A. Stubbs

Born 1868

Spouse:  Charles Herbert Stubbs

Mother: Lucy Frances Chandler

Father: John Stillman Pollard

New Hampshire Death Records (Familysearch beta)

Lucy F. Bartlett

Death date: March 12, 1923

Death place: Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Age 78

Estimated birth year 1845

Spouse: Lauren Bartlett

Father: Abel Chandler

Mother: Xoa Swift records

Lucy F. Chandler

Birth: June  3, 1844

Death: March 12, 1923

Buried: Monson, Piscataquis, Maine

Spouse: Charles Bartlett Chandler

Born December 12, 1840 Wayne, Kennebec, Maine

Maine Births and Christenings (Familysearch pilot)

Abel Chandler and “Abigah” (Abigail)

Abel, Jr.

Abigail W.


Foxcroft Church Records before 1824



Abel, jr., and [Mrs. dup.] Xoa [Hoa. int.] Swift, Mar. 31, 1840.


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