Edmund’s Community Courier April 24, 2014


Hi everyone,
Our web master and founder, James, will be updating our ECFA web site.
First, our membership list. Nearly all of you have renewed your membership, but there are a few stragglers.  If you intend to remain in our group, please send your dues to our treasurer, Bob. Otherwise I will have to delete your name from our Membership List.
The list includes lineages and e-mail addresses for our members. It is organized by family groups so I hope will be easy to find members who are the most closely related to you.
The updated list will go into the MEMBERS’ ONLY section so only members will have access to the list. It will not be available to the public. If you don’t wish to have your e-mail address listed, let me know.
Also amongst several other stories to be updated is our BRICK WALL list. If you have a Chandler brick wall, please send it James at romans12jc@gmail.com to add to the list.
We have been in talks with our Chandler Family Association  liaison about our annual problems with our internet server for our web site. Our server is paid every year on time, but they can’t seem to figure that out without a lengthy struggle with them.  We have also had our site go down a couple of times because of our server.
We are going to be looking into using the same internet server as the CFA uses. The Chandler DNA Project is sponsored by both our group and the CFA, but the project page is on our web site.
As I mentioned previously, the CFA originally began many years ago as a group dedicated to descendants of John Chandler of 1610 Jamestown.  Research over the years and  DNA testing showed that there were dozens of Chandler families who did not descend from John Chandler in their group.
So now the CFA is moving toward having chapters of different Chandler families under the umbrella of the CFA.  We are exploring joining in an affiliation with them, but would keep our own identity and projects so there would not be a material change in what we do.  An affiliation would avoid duplication of research and server problems.  It would also provide us with back-up structure and an additional place to house our research so it would not be dependent on so few.
Here is their link:
We will keep you all posted on our talks with them and if any of you have suggestions or comments please let us know.
Lastly a little TV news.  The Revolutionary War is finally getting a little TV time with “Turn.”  It is on AMC. It is about a ring of Revolutionary War spies known as the Culper Ring who really existed.  They probably were in liaison with the Committees of Correspondence, but I haven’t seen the show yet so can’t say for sure. I believe that it takes place in the Middle States.
“Salem” is on WGN America.  I don’t get that cable channel, but it takes place during the witch hunts. The LA Times reviewer admired the costumes, but not the show that much. From what I read, it is not historically accurate and has gone the fad route of fixating on witches.
Until next time, happy hunting!

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