About: Edmund Chandler Family Association

About Edmund Chandler Family AssociationThe Purpose of Edmund Chandler Family Association(ECFA) is to research and accurately document Edmund Chandler of Duxbury, Massachusetts, his origins, and descendants.  Edmund Chandler was a Separatist and was part of the same Pilgrim group as those that arrived on the Mayflower, only he was a later arrival. On the main website you will find find  photographs, letters, maps, and histories all pertaining to Edmund and his descendants.

When you become a member of ECFA  you will have access to;

Databases, or family trees; contain collected information conveniently presented, and enables a member to save considerable time by using it;

Library;  useful in being a central depository for ECFA information thus far discovered. It gives members access to proven documentation and saves valuable time and money;

Vital records, like cemeteries and marriages; identify family members not previously known. This discovery saves a family researcher considerable time, and money, by not necessitating the hiring of a Certified Genealogist to do the leg work.”

In addition to  these important research tools, you will join a community of like minded people at ECFA. Through discussion and information  sharing research becomes easier with  fewer brick walls.

Annual dues are $20.00. Dues go towards full access of the family tree databases, vital records section, library and the promotion of research and documentation of Chandler ancestors.

If you’re interested in joining ECFA membership information is online at;


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